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Nós Somos Todos Verdes

Um evento on-line que suporta a liberdade no Irão

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"This is an online event. No physical attendance at any location is required. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and to show solidarity with freedom fighers in Iran by "greening" facebook pages (using green default pictures on June 30, 2009.)"


On June 12, 2009, a presidential election was held in Iran and the incumbent hardliner president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was challenged by the reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi. Due to the extensive support of millions of Iranians throughout the country for Mousavi, Ahmadinejad had virtually no chances of winning the election. As a result a coup was executed by Ahmadinejad and Iranian Revolutionary Guards with the support of the interior minister and high-ranked personnel of the ministry, high-ranked members of the election committee, and the Iranian state TV controlled by the government. Only few hours after the closing of the voting stations, a landslide victory was announced for Ahmadinejad on the state TV and the newspapers affiliated with the current government. Later on, the real results of the election, which showed a clean victory for Mousavi, leaked out of the Interior Ministry.

In the past few days after this deep election fraud, Iranians have been protesting in large numbers throughout the country while wearing green (green is the trademark color of the Mousavi’s election campaign) to show their discontent. All they want is a new election with the supervision of neutral committees. However, their mostly-calm and peaceful gatherings have been mercilessly crushed by the Revolutionary Guards, pro-government Basij militia, and other armed groups affiliated with the government. These forces have ruthlessly beaten protestors (men and women) using bats, clubs, chains, and etc. On Monday, June 15th, after a peaceful protest of millions in Tehran, Basij militia opened fire at the protestors killing at least eight and wounding many more. Following this incident, at least 5 students were killed in an attack to the dormitory of the Tehran University. In the past few days, many other students, activists, and political leaders have been killed, put in jail, or disappeared in Tehran and other cities. Those involved in the distribution of the actual results of the election which showed the victory of Mousavi, have been reported missing and there is no knowledge of their fate. Despite the violent reaction of the government, Iranians have not given up and are enthusiastically pursuing their rights. They have refused to yield to dictatorship and courageously fighting for justice, democracy, and freedom. Today, green is not just a color pertaining to a presidential candidates anymore. Today, green is a symbol of democracy and freedom in Iran.

In the situation that most governments have chosen silence and cautious approach to the events that are happening in Iran and reporters are not allowed to freely cover stories in Iran, a global support is crucial. June of 2009 will always be a historic month and will never be forgotten. Therefore, to honor the courage of those who are protesting in Iran and those who have lost their lives, we all are going to go green on the last day of June 2009 by "greening" our default pictures.

In order to go green you can either use any of the logos/pictures provided here, or use the following website to green any picture of your choice for free:

• “Green” your Twitter or Facebook avatar:
Go to
Click on "Get started"
Click on "Upload a photo"
Choose the picture you want to upload
Click on “Create”
On the “Effects” tab, choose "Night Vision"
Click on "Apply"
Click on "Save & Share"
Click on "Save Photo"
Save and upload to Twitter or Facebook.

It is not going to hurt if you go green starting now :)


Thank you!

=========================UPDATES FROM IRAN==========================

• Mohammad Asgari, the main person who leaked the real election results from the Interior Ministry - the ones showing Ahmadinejad coming third - was killed in a suspicious car accident (after being reported missing for days.)
• On his first sermon since the eletion, Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, supported the election results and warned a severe crackdown is awaiting those who continue refusing to accept the results... (the next 24 hours could potentially be disastrous for protesters. The situation is terrifying ...)
• Today, June 20, 2009, was a dark day for Iranian and modern world history. Reports from Iran suggest at least 150 young Iranians (men and women) were killed today by cold-blooded militiamen. Disturbing videos are surfacing the internet on You Tube.
• In spite of the violent crackdown on Saturday, Iranians continued to protest in large numbers in Tehran and other cities on Sunday and Monday.

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